About Us


  • A Brief History of SAMT

In affiliation with the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology of Iran, SAMT was established in 1984. Over 36 years, as a leading publisher, SAMT has been supporting growing needs of the higher education of Iran by composing, compiling, translating and publishing textbooks, and journals specific to writing university textbooks in collaboration with educators, professors and researchers of prominent universities and research institutes. We have served scholarly community by publishing rigorous research and scholarship across various subject areas in the humanities.

Using latest technology, more than 2300 titles of books have been published in print and digital by 36 professional groups of SAMT and our in-house production and design teams.

To further our aims of producing and disseminating knowledge in the humanities and of effective international cooperation and interaction, SAMT has also translated and published books in various subjects, especially in Persian literature, Iranian studies, Oriental studies and Islamic studies, in cooperation and collaboration with universities, research and academic centers in countries including Afghanistan, Russia, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, China, India, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Germany and England.



  • Our Mission

Our mission is to attain the objectives of serving learning and scholarship in higher education of Iran by providing students and faculty of Iranian universities with affordable and accessible academic and educational sources they need to make further advances in the humanities.

At SAMT we are committed to conducting research, composing and publishing high quality academic textbooks and educational resources in the humanities in collaboration with eminent university professors and scholars worldwide and we continue to forge new relationships with other similar organizations around the world.



  • Awards and Honors
  • The Best Publisher of  Iran in 1997, 2000, 2002, 2004, 2010 and 2012 and the Selected Publisher in 2017
  • 190 Titles of Books as the Book of the Year, Book of the Season and other national awards
  • Honored by ECO Cultural Institute, as the only organization of academic press which has published university textbooks in prevalent languages in the ECO region in 2016
  • The Best Organization in the Comprehensive Exhibition of Thirty Years of Achievements of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology (MSRT) in 2008
  • Ranked first in the organizations affiliated to MSRT and Ranked second in enablement in the First Festival of Best Public Relations of Universities, Research and Technology Centers of the Country
  • Publication of recognized journals ranked as Scientific-Research Journals by the MSRT




Last Update At : 28 August 2021