Major Functions and Activities

The major functions of our organization are as follows:


  • Investigating and identifying the research needs of higher education and taking action to compose, compile and translate basic references and textbooks in the humanities and Islamic sciences in Persian as well as other languages.
  • Conducting fundamental, applied and developmental research projects, holding scientific conferences and presenting research findings via workshops.
  • Establishing research collaborations among university professors and religious scholars as well as higher education and research institutes inside and outside of Iran in order to survey the humanities’ issues in terms of their relevance to Islamic sciences and our organizational objectives.
  • Monitoring the intellectual trends and significant thoughts in the university textbooks and resources of the humanities and analyzing them critically in terms of their relevance to the principles and issues of Islamic sciences regarding the evolution and promotion of the humanities.
  • Printing, publishing and selling books and references; producing informative computer software and mobile applications and other scientific and research products in Iran and overseas.
  • Establishing relationships as well as developing collaborations with experts, scholars, universities and higher education and research institutes, and similar research centers (real and legal) in Iran and overseas in order to realize organization’s objectives.


   1. Research Functions

The Research Department provides the content of university textbooks through conducting research projects, composing, compiling and/or translating books and evaluating published books. This department performs its functions by communications and collaborations of its research and specialized groups with universities and research institutes inside and outside Iran. Research activities embrace three approaches namely fundamental, developmental and applied across different subject areas.

The research groups of the Research Center for Research and Development conduct studies in the following subject areas:

  • Textbook Studies
  • Social Sciences
  • Behavioral Sciences
  • Literary Studies
  • Historical Studies
  • Law and Jurisprudence
  • Management
  • Environmental Studies
  • Arts
  • Language Studies
  • Philosophy and Kalam (Theology)


   2. Scientific-Technical Supervision Functions

At this department, the book developed by the Research Department is prepared to be published as a finished product by the adept editors and experienced technical experts of the Scientific-Technical Supervision Department.


   3. Executive Functions

Using the latest technology, the Executive Department makes sure that the academic community in Iran and scholars worldwide are able to access our products in the format that best suits them, in print or digital.