Cooperation with SAMT

To achieve our objectives of the International Academic Relations and Cooperation, SAMT seeks the cooperation of all professors, researchers, translators and editors worldwide.


Why cooperate with SAMT?

  • Leading compiler and publisher of textbooks and academic books in the humanities in Iran with over 2200 titles of books during 3 decades
  • Welcoming new knowledge achievements and having academic interaction and cooperation with researchers, university professors and scholars inside and outside Iran
  • Collaborating with respected academic specialists and evaluators and professional editors in printing
  • Collaborating with distinguished authors from outstanding universities and higher education and research institutes
  • Adhering to human values and ethics and avoiding  provoking political, cultural and religious conflicts
  • Using the latest technology to make products accessible to scholars worldwide


How to cooperate with SAMT?

We will welcome cooperation in three main domains of Scientific and Research Collaborations, Print and Publication, Shopping and Sales.

You can find guidelines and the required forms on this page.

If you are interested in cooperating with us, please send your query and attach the duly filled required Form along with a resume to

You can also contact us via fax at: 00982144263314