At The Threshold of The True-Love

Author(s) : Mir Jala-od-Din Kazzazi, PhD
Publisher : SAMT
Code : 1622
Published At : 2019/11/24
First Print Publication : 2012
Last Print Publication : 2019
Available Languages : Persian
268 Pages
ISBN : 978-964-530-802-3

ISBN : 978-964-530-802-3
Also Available as E-book

At the Threshold of the True -Love is an educational text from the twenty lyric poems of Hafez, from the first half of his Divan (complete works); Ghazals (sonnets) that have been discussed from three perspectives: lexicography, aesthetics, and belief. The reason for selecting these lyric poems is to provide prominent and revealing examples of Hafez’s poetic style; Examples that can clearly show the color, face, and direction of his sonnets in the body and message, and reflect the ideological aspects and wonderful aesthetic creations in his delightful sonnets. This book benefits not only the students of “Persian language and literature”, but all those who are interested in the culture and literature of Iran, especially the lovers of this great poet.

Author(s) : Mir Jala-od-Din Kazzazi, PhD