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Organizational Culture (Advanced Organizational Behavior Management)

Author(s) : Ali Rezaian, PhD
Publisher : SAMT
Code : 2006
Published At : 2017/04/05
First Print Publication : 2016
2nd Print Publication: 2017
Available Languages : Persian
212 Pages
ISBN : 978-600-02-0324-5
Price : IRR 100,000

ISBN : 978-600-02-0324-5
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The success and effectiveness of any organization are not only determined by the abilities and motivation of its employees and managers. Although individual and group processes are critical to the success of the organization, the effectiveness of the organization cannot be measured by determining how well the groups and teamwork are doing. In other words, each organization has its own intangible quality, which means, it has a particular personality and style, the way things are done that may be too powerful for someone or another official system to dictate. To understand the spirit of organizations, one must go beyond the “organizations”, the books of laws and regulations, the machines, and the buildings, that is, the underground world of corporate cultures. This book, which is the result of years of research and teaching experience of the author, helps to better understand how managers use organizational culture as a competitive advantage.

Author(s) : Ali Rezaian, PhD