Last Update At : : 25 January 2022

1. Where can I find book proposal/book translation proposal guidelines?

Please visit http://samt.ac.ir/en/page/129

You can also find the forms for cooperation at http://samt.ac.ir/en/page/146, and then send the filled required forms to internationalsamt@gmail.com or int@samt.ac.ir.

2. What languages should be the books written in? What languages can be the books translated from or into?

SAMT books are written in Persian, but in special cases, according to the order and demand, it is possible to write in different languages. Translation of the books will be from Persian to foreign languages and vice versa.

3. What kind of experience does a SAMT book author or translator need?

You do not have to have published a book before. The expertise of the author or translator in the subject and the appropriateness of the written or translated work with the academic needs of the country, the observance of academic textbook standards, and innovation are our main criteria.

4. What services does SAMT provide the author or translators with?

If your book proposal/ book translation proposal is accepted, based on the contract and the intellectual rights of both parties, experienced editors of SAMT will guide you through the preparation of the final manuscript and the book production, including copyediting, typesetting, proofreading, and indexing will be done by SAMT.

5. Why would I publish a book with SAMT?

Please visit http://samt.ac.ir/en/page/129

6. What are SAMT intellectual property and publication rights?

Intellectual property and publication rights will be determined and protected in accordance with the agreement and specific contract.

1. How can I have scientific and cultural cooperation with SAMT?

You can cooperate through academic talks, seminars, workshops, and conferences, academic visits.

For more information, please visit http://samt.ac.ir/en/page/129 You can also find the forms for cooperation at http://samt.ac.ir/en/page/146, and then send the filled required forms to internationalsamt@gmail.com or int@samt.ac.ir.

1. In what fields can I publish a book with SAMT?

You can publish academic books with us, including textbooks, books on fundamentals, and academic resources.

2. How long will it take to print my book?

It depends on the significance of the book and the demands.

3. Who is responsible for the expenses of printing the book?

SAMT will be responsible for the cost of printing of the books for the use of students inside the country. For the books outside Iran, it depends on the agreement of the two parties.

4. What constitutes SAMT’s publishing service?

SAMT uses the state-of-the-art facilities of centers in the printing industry in publishing its works. SAMT can provide book production services, including copyediting, typesetting, proofreading, and indexing.

5. Will my book be available as an eBook?


6. How will my book be marketed and sold?

SAMT printed books are distributed and sold in Iran and neighboring countries such as Afghanistan, and its electronic version is also available in Iran, and internationally soon after the removal of barriers.

7. What documents are required to print a book and conclude a contract with individuals and centers?

Identity and educational certificates of the author or translator and legal certificates of the center of the contracting party.

8. Can I decide on the book cover design and page layout?

If the author or translator has an idea or opinion in this regard, they can consult it with SAMT for consideration.

1. How can I cooperate with SAMT Bookstore?

Whole purchases are done within the framework of the agreement with SAMT Bookstore.

2. How can I buy a book from SAMT website?

To buy the SAMT books, please see http://samt.ac.ir/en/book where you can buy the desired book by adding it to the shopping cart and enter SAMTA website to complete your parchase.

3. What copy right policies does SAMT follow to protect the content of my book from plagiarism and copying?

SAMT protects published books by using copyright and legal capacities inside and outside the country.

4. What are the facilities and capabilities of SAMT in distributing the book?

The printed books will be available in SAMT representatives throughout Iran and in the neighboring countries such as Afghanistan; the digital version will be available through electronic publishing in SAMTA, the digital bookstore of SAMT, and in different digital book platforms.