The Selection of Mersad-ol ‘Ebad

Author(s) : Reza Anzabi Nejad, PhD
Publisher : SAMT
Code : 463
Updated At : 16 October 2021
First Print Publication : 2000
14th Print Publication: 2019
Available Languages : Persian
192 Pages
ISBN : 978-964-459-481-6

ISBN : 978-964-459-481-6

The book Mersad ol-Ebad, which was written in the seventh century AH - one of the most important periods in the history of Sufism in Iran - by Najmuddin Razi, nicknamed the Dayeh (midwife), apart from its significance in terms of teaching the principles of Sufism, it is so important for perfect prose and rhythmic rhetoric that the great masters have called it “absolute magic”. The Selection of Mersad ol-Ebad which is written by Dr. Reza Anzabi Nejad includes a short introduction about the life of Najmuddin Razi and the literary and mystical values of Mersad ol-Ebad, selected texts, and its description. In the description and explanation of the texts, special attention has been paid to the terms of Sufism, the elders and grandees of Sufism, the common themes of the text with the poems of the poets before and after Najmuddin Dayeh, Sufi beliefs, and historical words.


Author(s) : Reza Anzabi Nejad, PhD