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Self- Management Fundamentals and Approaches (Advanced Organizational Behavior Management)

Author(s) : Ali Rezaian, PhD
Publisher : SAMT
Code : 1550
Published At : 2015/04/04
First Print Publication : 2011
3rd Print Publication: 2015
Available Languages : Persian
236 Pages
ISBN : 978-964-530-712-5

ISBN : 978-964-530-712-5

This book is the result of years of study and research by the author and references in the text and final sources are the evidence that the principles and approaches of self-management based on the basics and principles of human resource management are well discussed. The first part of the book is dedicated to the definition and the role of personality in human resources and the second part is specified to the analysis of the relationship between person and job. Jobs, recruitment, voluntary recruitment characteristics, as well as recruitment tests and procedures. One of the advantages of this book is that each chapter has its own purpose and the questions that the reader can answer after reading the chapter, and begins with an introduction and ends with the bibliography and has a glossary and index.

Author(s) : Ali Rezaian, PhD