ADictionary of Medical and Pharmacological Terms in Persian Literature

Author(s) : Mehdi Mohaghegh, PhD with Cooperation of Hamideh Hedjazi
Publisher : SAMT
In Cooperation with : Razi University
Code : 1920
Published At : 2015/04/04
First Print Publication : 2015
Available Languages : Persian
500 Pages
ISBN : 978-600-02-0192-0
Price : IRR 170,000

ISBN : 978-600-02-0192-0
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One of the features and advantages of Persian poetry is that it can express scientific content and concepts, including humanities and pure sciences. Persian poets were brought up in traditional schools, and part of the curriculum of those schools was the introduction of experimental sciences, including medicine, which was instructed the same as religious sciences:

If you do not know medicine and religion

You lose in this world and hereafter

Medical knowledge promotes good health

And knowing religion preserves the soul

In this book, an attempt has been made to show the use of medical and pharmacological terms in the poems of some great Iranian poets by mentioning sources and references so that both Persian language and literature students can benefit from it and students in medicine realize the importance of this noble science.

Author(s) : Mehdi Mohaghegh, PhD with Cooperation of Hamideh Hedjazi