The History of the Evolution of Persian Prose

Author(s) : Sirous Shamisa, PhD
Publisher : SAMT
Code : 2146
First Print Publication : 2017
2nd Print Publication: 2018
Available Languages : Persian
440 Pages
ISBN : 978-600-02-0536-2

ISBN : 978-600-02-0536-2
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The story of Persian prose, which is thousands of years old, is a detailed story, and this book is a brief overview of this story. In the traditional way and in terms of cultural atmosphere, the author introduces prose and stylistic coordinates of each period along with examples of prose and quotations, and briefly outlines the long history of evolution in Persian prose, and in cases, if necessary, explains in detail.  One of the distinctive features of this book is the presentation of two narratives of prose both in terms of historical and thematic periods. you will read the proses of Pahlavi, Mursal, Mutual, Rhythmical, Technical, Rhythmical/Technical, the proses of the sixth century to the Safavid, Qajar and contemporary eras, as well as topics in the theory of style and prose.  

Author(s) : Sirous Shamisa, PhD