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Service Operations Management

Author(s) : Amir Mohammad Fakoor Saghih, PhD, Sa'eid Nosrati
Publisher : SAMT
Code : 2266
Updated At : 19 December 2021
First Print Publication : 2019
Available Languages : Persian
428 Pages
ISBN : 978-600-02-0713-7

ISBN : 978-600-02-0713-7
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The growing role of services in the economies of countries shows its valuable place in today’s business environment so that the world economy experiences the post-industrial period with a service-oriented economy. Given the importance of the position and the unique nature of the service, it is essential to be familiar with the issues related to it. In this regard, service operations management with an integrated approach to supply chain management, information and communication technology, quality management, performance management, strategic management, and risk management can provide a good understanding of the processes and capabilities of the service industry. Service organizations with these capabilities can create value for customers. This book describes each of the above areas in detail.

Author(s) : Amir Mohammad Fakoor Saghih, PhD, Sa'eid Nosrati