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Essays on Gamete & Embryo Donation in InfertilityTreatment

Author(s) : A Joint Effort of SAMT and Ibn Sina Research Center
Publisher : SAMT
In Cooperation with : Ibn Sina Research Center
Code : 1002
Updated At : 28 September 2021
First Print Publication : 2005
4th Print Publication: 2017
Available Languages : Persian
500 Pages
ISBN : 978-964-530-104-8

ISBN : 978-964-530-104-8

Since the late twentieth century, we have witnessed numerous and significant advances in reproductive medicine. Although these treatments have led to astonishing advances in medicine, they have raised questions and problems in various areas of religious, moral, sociological, psychological, and legal beliefs, many of which remain unanswered and require extensive study and research. Gamete donation is one of the most necessary and controversial alternative fertility treatments that its various medical, jurisprudential, legal, moral, sociological, and psychological aspects are discussed in the seminar “Gamete donation and embryo in infertility treatment” on March 4 and 5, 2005 This book was published as a collection of articles with the cooperation of the authors of those and the efforts of the seminar organizers as well as the Ibn Sina Research Institute and SAMT.

Author(s) : A Joint Effort of SAMT and Ibn Sina Research Center