We pursue our international policies and aims through the following activities:

  • Expanding relations and cooperation with international academic and cultural centers and organizations
  • Expanding scientific and research transactions and cooperation with foreign universities and research centers in the humanities and Islamic sciences.
  • Scientific collaboration with Iranian experts in foreign countries
  • Recognizing, evaluating and criticizing the books and scientific works of the world’s scholars in order to translate them into Persian and other languages, and publishing them in cooperation with the relevant units of SAMT
  • Writing and translating university textbooks, from basic to advanced, in the humanities through cooperation with academic and research centers of other countries
  • Composing and translating textbooks, supplementary and fundamental books in the humanities from Persian to other languages within the framework of the MoUs signed with universities and scientific centers of other countries
  • Preparing and compiling educational content for the centers of Persian language studies, Iranian studies, Islamic studies and Oriental studies in other countries
  • Exchanging  information and doing effective marketing for SAMT’s books in print or digital
  • Hosting and attending international events: Workshops, Conferences and Exhibitions

  • Participating in the International Book Fairs:

SAMT has actively participated in the international book fairs of different countries such as Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Russia, Lebanon, England, Turkey, Germany, Egypt, Syria, Qatar, Oman, Tunisia, Iraq, Ukraine, Tajikistan, China and France. Our long-term objective is to make its participation more effective and active than ever.